"Located or positioned out of sight; not visually apparent"

From 1540: "secret, occult"

Past-participle adjective from hide.

From Old High German huoten, from Proto-Germanic hōdijaną. Cognate with German hüten, Dutch hoeden, and English heed.

A Middle English formation (Old English: gehydd ["hidden"]) on the model of ride/ridden, etc. 

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Gaining occult knowledge has come to be associated with the supernatural and various forms of mysticism.  But "occult" simply means "hidden"—as in eclipsed, covered up, occluded.  Medicine today still uses the original meaning of the word (e.g., an "occult carcinoma," which means that doctors can find cancer cells spread in the body but not the primary tumor from which the cells are originating [hint: these tumors are usually in the head or neck]). But today, "occult" mostly just means tarot cards and whatnot.

Why get into this?

There are more hidden pages on this website than there are obviously visible ones. In fact, most of the "fun stuff" (hint: not tumors) is hidden.  So get out there and gain some occult knowledge!  Scour the different pages for clickables.  There is a pattern.

Search and you will be rewarded! 

(Probably.  I mean, it also depends on your definition of "reward," too, I guess.  But it's worth a few minutes, no? 

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