H. Peter Steeves and Sawbuck Books present


The Skydiver


the Meaning of Life




COST: $35 + $7 shipping

Estimated Number Still Available: 4

  • You will not receive a copy of the book, but you will get a custom "motivational poster"
  • Your poster will arrive is a 16.5'" x 9.28" print on high-quality poster paper, shipped rolled.
  • If you are interested, you can upgrade to the x-large size (which is 24" x 13.5" on stiff cardboard and ships flat) for an extra $15.  Please contact us if you prefer the x-large size.
  • it has a skydiving image, the title "YOU WILL DIE" and the text: "Like an expert skydiver whose parachute fails to open, you must accept the fact that you are headed into the ground and nothing will change that. The question now is whether you fall screaming or fall doing your best tricks up until the end."
  • Great for reminding you that you are mortal, that it is incredibly frightening to accept this, but you still must keep doing all of the amazing things of which you are capable right up until the moment it's all over.
  • Remember those "Hang in There," "Thank God It's Friday," and Farrah Fawcett posters so popular decades ago?  This poster will be more famous than all of them.  Plus it reminds you to be awesome before you die.
  • Put it up on your office door, your bedroom wall, or your neighbor's garage.  Spread the word!

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