I created it in 2001. It was all about animal minds/consciousness and the border/boundary that some people think exists between humans and nonhuman animals.  "Minds" and "Borders." 

Get it? 

So "Minding the Borders" seemed like a clever name for the conference. Today, it makes it seem as if I want to build a wall and patrol it.  Which is tragically ironic, of course, since the point of the conference was about tearing down walls.  Much like Pink FLoyd, I don't think I've ever met a wall I didn't want to tear down.  Except, maybe, in public restrooms.  Anyway.  That email address became one I would use from time to time after the conference.  Always have to explain myself, though.  Sigh.  If only I had called the conference, and the associated hotmail address, "RefusingToMindTheBorders." Hindsight.