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  • includes free domestic shipping (please contact us before buying if you wish to purchase this edition/combo for international shipping)
  • includes author-inscribed dedication page (please leave the name of the person to whom the book should be dedicated in the notes when ordering; if no name is left, you will receive a generic greeting with author’s signature)
  • custom drawing on the dedication page (like one of the marginal drawings in chapter 3 of the book)
  • one extra “Death” tarot card (not attached to book)
  • one glass bottle with a paper pirate ship in it (passed out to attendees in 2019 at The Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition conference's lecture-performance, "The Drowned Man")
  • one bonus tarot card (not included in the book, taken from the 2019 PACT lecture-performance) featuring Edmund Husserl in an original collage artwork as “The Drowned Man” (i.e., The Hanged Man)
  • one “swag bag” from the lecture-performance, “The FWPCA in Spaaaace!,” (presented in Las Vegas as the 2019 keynote address for The Far West Popular and American Culture Association); the bag contains: a best-friend rock, a custom tea light with a dedication to Laika the Soviet Space Dog, and a piece of chocolate with a custom wrapper recreating the miniature art gallery left on the moon in 1969 by Apollo 12 (note: the chocolate is real but is old and might not be fit for consumption; please treat it as art rather than food!)
  • one "swag bag" from the lecture-performance, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the 30th Anniversary of the FWPCA,” (presented in Las Vegas as the 2018 keynote address for The Far West Popular and American Culture Association); the bag contains a toy figure with a parachute and a card explaining the parachute-meaning-of-life-story (as also discussed in chapter 7 of Being and Showtime)

  • one copy of the exhibition catalog, "Matthew Girson: Recent Paintings" featuring paintings by the artist, Matthew Girson, and an essay by HPS.

  • the “Bible passage” in chapter 1 of your copy of Being and Showtime will be upgraded to inserted onion-skin/ parchment paper rather than simulated paper
  • one "There Will Be Lightning" 5 x 7 postcard/ advertisement for the June 2019 version of "The Energy Show" performed as part of the SCIENCE CHICAGO Festival at the Chicago Cultural Center
  • one copy of the program booklet for the 2008 "SITE UNSEEN" installation art festival sponosored by The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs; the 26-page, full-color, 5.5 x 8.5 " booklet contains write-ups and images from the ten artists in the festival, including two pages devoted to H. Peter Steeves' work, "You Are Here"
  • one copy of the original chap-book, O Rocks! Tell Us in Plain Words given to the audience in attendance for the lecture-performance by the same name at Hawai´i Volcanoes National Park in 2012. This professionally published (Blurb) 22-page, chap book had only 65 copies printed. It was the basis for chapter one of Being and Showtime. Each copy of the book O Rocks! Tell Us in Plain Words has been hand-numbered by the author and contains full color photographs of rocks and original artwork by H. Peter Steeves; the book also includes a real U.S. minted Hawai´i state quarter and Hawaiian history poker card affixed to pages of the book, and a green "Bible Verse" inserted page; in many ways, this chap-book was the mini-mini-mini- version of the book that inspired Being and Showtime

  • one cast/crew T-shirt from “The Mourning Show” given out exclusively to the cast and crew for the February 2010 Chicago Cultural Center performance (choose large or x-large while available; first ordered/first served)
  • one band T-shirt: size large T-shirt given out only to the band members from “The Mourning Show” (2010) featuring the band’s logo (“Gopher Sample”)
  • One scratch-and-dent extra copy of Being and Showtime (the publisher sent a couple of copies with bends in the cover or slightly bent pages or ripples in the glue in the binding, etc.; you'll get one of these as an extra copy of the book; this second copy does not contain any custom inserts, just the printed book)
  • One video made just for you and delivered just to you on a topic of your choosing; the video will be a mini-lecture-performance (approximately 30-ish minutes in length) that will include live performance elements (e.g., music, dance), images, and a custom-written lecture on the topic you have chosen. The topic must be one word only, but it is up to you what that word is (e.g., rainbows, suffering, planets, trees, laughing, yellow, voting, soil, fear, home, electrons, etc.).  HPS will write a philosophical treatment of the topic you choose and create an artistic mini-lecture-performance about it just for you.  The video will ideally be prepared and delivered within eight weeks (and you will be contacted if there are any questions or delays; it will be earlier if HPS's health allows).  Like a patron during the Italian Renaissance, you can enjoy the work in private or choose to share it with others by posting it or sending others your private link, etc.


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