Being and Showtime

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None of this is about profit or capitalism!  It's about getting the work into the world, putting any additional funds toward the next project (though such an excess is unlikely), and hoping both that the spirit of performing philosophy might be celebrated and that Being and Showtime might be something in which you find some meaning.  Thank you so much for considering making a purchase!

                                                                     PLEASE READ:

The book exists in very limited quantity.  It is a hand-crafted art book that includes philosophical essays but also multiple inserts, one-of-a-kind additions to each book, and various ephemeral objects.  You may order the book by itself (with domestic or international shipping), or you may order one of several combo packs that include a copy of the book with various "bonus" items created by the author. Each "higher-level" combo pack contains rarer collectible items along with everything that the previous levels contain.

The number of books/combo-packs in stock will typically be updated daily on this website, but please know that because everything is in limited supply, what you order might no longer be in stock once we receive your order.  (None of this is automated or computerized!)  If this is the case, you will be contacted and asked how you would like to proceed.  It is important to include your email address with your order so that we may be in contact with you when necessary.