Being and Showtime



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  • includes free media mail domestic shipping (please contact us before buying if you wish to purchase this edition/combo for international shipping; please include an extra $9 for priority mail domestically; media mail = 2-3 weeks; priority mail = 3-6 days, typically)
  • includes author-inscribed dedication page (please leave the name of the person to whom the book should be dedicated in the notes when ordering; if no name is left, you will receive a generic greeting with author’s signature)
  • custom drawing on the dedication page (like one of the marginal drawings in chapter 3 of the book)
  • one extra “Death” tarot card (not attached to book)
  • one glass bottle with a paper pirate ship in it (passed out to attendees in 2019 at The Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition conference's lecture-performance, "The Drowned Man")
  • one bonus tarot card (not included in the book, taken from the 2019 PACT lecture-performance) featuring Edmund Husserl in an original collage artwork as “The Drowned Man” (i.e., The Hanged Man)

  • one “swag bag” from the lecture-performance, “The FWPCA in Spaaaace!,” (presented in Las Vegas as the 2019 keynote address for The Far West Popular and American Culture Association); the bag contains: a best-friend rock, a custom tea light with a dedication to Laika the Soviet Space Dog, and a piece of chocolate with a custom wrapper recreating the miniature art gallery left on the moon in 1969 by Apollo 12 (note: the chocolate is real but is old and might not be fit for consumption; please treat it as art rather than food!)


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